I forsee a time when the economy of Maldives is centered around technical advancements in tourism, fishing, environmental preservation and other areas which are rooted in Maldivian traditions. To fulfill the vision of our future, our destiny as a people, we should embrace and extend our adoption of technology which can improve our prosperity as a people and culture. A few key milestones that will shape this vision:

  • Investments in internet access, including policies which foster higher speeds, lower prices and increases in the number of people who have regular access to world class high speed internet.
  • Policies which protect our children online and offline, to ensure that they are not exposed to anything inappropriate.
  • An increase in our overall economic activity that’s tech related, becoming an industry to rival tourism.
  • Policies to increase our education investment in preparing our society for the opportunities that advanced technology can bring to all of our lives.
  • Exploring cutting edge technologies; e.g. newer tech which will help us increase our local organic food production to bring down current exorbitant costs.

There is quite a growing population of extremely technical, knowledgable and innovative people in Maldives. Investing in their success is investing in our future. With these investments, we can more easily compete for global business that rely on increasing technology infrastructure to run their robots, automated systems, data centers and more.

Virtual goods have a real economic value, in the US alone, the value of the virtual goods market in 2011 was 2.1 Billion dollars. To put that in perspective, Maldives entire GDP was estimated at 2.1 Billion. In other words, the virtual economy of the USA is estimated to be as large as our own entire domestic economy. If we could grow our share of the virtual goods market, connected services markets and other tech markets as a by product of investing in our infrastructure, we would be able to scale up our lifestyle, environmental protection and enhance our way of life in a way that nothing else could come close to.

Through these investments in technology and growing the overall rate at which our country grows, we will start to finally fulfill our dream of becoming the world’s first completely carbon neutral country. By investing in technology, we will be able to offload more and more of our economic effort, resulting in, compared to today, a better average life with less hours needed to be worked, more family time, for all of us. Rather than every Maldivian having a maid or butler, I want us all to think much bigger. Imagine a day when we each have our own robot servant. These would be truly incredible times. For one thing my robot wouldn’t steal my jewelry. I can almost taste the fresh roti, from the robot programmed to my grandmothers movements so precisely that I can’t tell the difference between bot-made and home-made.

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