Compared to a few competitors, Squareup has it together. Their technology is clearly ahead of the curve, including adaptable HTML 5, modern CSS, clear and singular messaging for ease of pass-a-long. For those of you who don’t know who Squareup is, they help you accept credit cards through your phone with a little device that looks like a square.

From a bit of research using MajesticSEO and Firebug in Firefox to review on page code, etc, it’s easy to see where Squareup could implement a more Paypal like strategy to really succeed.

Squareup backlink analysis


The key is that Paypal is winning, if this statistic is a KPI worth tracking, then it’s worth it as a business to declare this one of your key digital success metrics. Imagine if instead of or in addition to just a pay with Paypal link, merchants had a pay with Squareup link. “Square away with Squareup.”

Based on some tools such as MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, ahrefs or similar, you can see link popularity of various brand names such as Google, Amazon, Apple or Facebook. Even such things as Goldman Sachs vs Morgan Stanley, for example, could be correlated to their overall value. This would be something I would represent on a dashboard, perhaps in a gamified currency, and benchmark alongside other statistics for brand health. If you believe at the end of the day, that the business that gets talked about the most also ends up with the best business in the category, it all starts with a dedication to a remarkable product, in some way shape or form. This encompases clarity of purpose, freemium trial periods and other product characteristics that encourage such digital word of mouth. Once your business is firing on all cylinders, achieving success on these predictive metrics will also fuel growth. The easy, direct correlation is that those companies which own this metric, tend to have the largest market share in their category, which means it’s an important enough business predictor that every executive should be aware of for their chunk of the matrix. PR, Biz Dev, Web Marketing, Product, and Ux teams should also be aware of this metric, as the outcome for better link popularity always tends to be the market leading player in the category.

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