I love the idea of having one actionable place on the page where you can post everything, whether you are starting a chat or posting an update or question. Something like this:One Box Social SharingClicking within the field to start typing would expand it to: One Box Social ExpandedIf you click Post the software should automatically know what type of post it is whether it is a question or update. If a photo is attached it should be put in the photos section, same with videos and links. Categorization should also happen automatically. Once a person shares whether it’s a question or something else,  the resulting page should not only say thanks for posting but also give them a content that is related to what they posted.

Clicking on the Chat shows the following:Once Box Social 3

What’s the customer insight that led to this concept?

The reason you would want to change a page like FunAdvice (or any Q&A interface, for that matter) to something like this one box approach is simple. More than 98% of the web use a search engine; for years, they have all been adding more and more special data types, vertical search integration and even solving problems on their own. As a result, the, “average” expectation online is for systems to become smarter and smarter. This leads to piling on more and more functionality…but, hidden behind a simple interface. As Steve Krug said a long time ago, “Don’t Make Me Think,” the title of the book is also the best principle behind the most widely adopted software. These paradigms form the foundation of good, usable experience.

Chat isn’t on the home page, why is that integrated?

Texting is popular for a reason: it’s instant, it’s unobtrusive to receive and send. In addition to search, FunAdvice has been a social software for almost nine years. Social communication is real time, or asynchronous, in every circumstance. It’s either real time – or it’s not, but the very best social software incorporate both.

The ambition with the re-imaging of FunAdvice is simple: to showcase what the best product in it’s class should be. I’d love to see it in action.

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