This was a pretty amazing find for me. Apparently, Microsoft patented their feature to bing search historydisplay historical search queries next to you as you use their search engine. Jeremy, Ericson and myself came up with this very thing about a decade ago.

Yep, it’s been that long. The beginning of the new year is when I always take a look back at the last year and accomplishments. This year I looked way back. When Jeremy was working at Did-it, he met Ericson, who also had entrepreneurs in his family, as do Jeremy and I (that’s probably why we worked well together for so long). The three of us created W3matter, the company that Ericson runs and operates to this day. The first product created by W3matter was Makunu, which in Dhivehi means, “Spider,” which I came up with. The name was fitting for a search engine software. In the days of Lycos – Greek for wolf, and Inktomi – a  trickster character from the Lokota – I felt that a word which meant spider was fitting. There were a few transformative features of the software, only one of which has a screentshot available from

side by side comparison of Makunu to Bing

Makunu search history

As you can see in the screenshot, “My History,” is in the right hand side of the page. This included three links:

  • Hide
  • Clear
  • View All

So when I compare that to Bing, well, I find it pretty provacative. See all / Clear All / Turn off. The, “Hide,” function on Makunu did the same thing, in this case, and My History is essentially the same as SEARCH HISTORY. If you, “Turn off,” the history, it reads as though you’re opting out of a tracking system. That’s not the case, which is why, when we created this feature, we went with the term, “Hide,” as that implies that the person’s search history is still being tracked, just not in a visible, useful to them way on that search results page.

Makunu search history

This is the full search results page from Makunu, to the right.

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