I had a very hard time letting my kids ages 6 and 7 go half way across the world to Maldives without me. I didn’t think that this would be so hard for me since they would be with my brother who takes excellent care of them. Until I knew they landed in Maldives I was completely stressed, worried and anxious.

I created a Manual for my parents so that they knew what to do with the kids while they were with them… I think it helped but I got teased a lot for worrying too much :) The manual includes directions for what they should do every day which might have been a little excessive. Here is a copy of what I put in there:


Brushing Teeth and Fluoride Tablets

Please brush both their teeth for them Morning and night. There is an included timer for how long they should brush their teeth. IF you have questions ask (–). IF there is not fluoride in the water they drink then give them the fluoride tablets. After they brush teeth they should take their fluoride tablet every evening.

Sun Screen

(—) should wear sunscreen every day. Perhaps (—) too. They each have their personal sunscreen packages.

Note: It is best to do school work first thing in the morning when they are fresh.




They are not allowed to have sweets that are too crunchy or chewy things that stick to teeth… bad for fillings and Dentists orders.

Juice/Chocolate Milk

If they drink juice or chocolate milk they should brush their teeth immediately afterwards. They are usually not allowed to have juice or chocolate milk unless it’s a special occasion.

Soda – Caffeinated Drinks

NO on all counts. Exceptions are once in a blue moon Sprite (it does not have caffeine). They are allowed to have Grandma’s special tea :)

Food Allergies

IF you see any rashes or anything on (—) … take a look at what he ate that day. He might be allergic to eggplant… he had a bad reaction on one day. As far as I know (—) has no allergies.



They must each read in English for 10 minutes at least daily. This is very important. (—) can read quietly to himself. (—) must read to someone. The most important thing for (—) is for him to practice his reading!!!!


They must do one math worksheet a day. More is always Ok.


They must put one entry into their Journal every day. Include the date and what ever they want to write. Make sure they use neat handwriting… watch that (—) starts each sentence with a capital letter and uses proper punctuation. Let (—) spell things out himself… if he asks tell him how to spell a word. Do one writing work sheet a day.


Find someone to teach them Dhivehi every day.


Have them do an art project every other day. This could just involve drawing or painting.

They do not have to do any work on weekends or the day that they arrive. They can start a day or so after they arrive. I have included reading material as well as workbooks.



All movies that they watch must be rated G unless otherwise approved by (—).


(—)is good at swimming. (—) … keep an eye on him because he gets panicked sometimes. I think they will all take to the water well as long as there is someone to lend them support.



Don’t give (—) whatever he wants just because he cries. Keep him entertained and he should be good most of the time. Don’t let him wine if he doesn’t get his way and make sure they share.

Bad Words

Hate, Stupid, Idiot, and such are all considered bad words for them and they get a time out if they use them.


Time Out: Go sit in room for 5 minutes
No Video Games: No Wii for the next day if they are bad.

Bed Time


They each get one book read to them before they sleep.

Sleep Hour

Bed time is usually at 8:30 but this is up to you to determine while they are on vacation.


Cold Medicines

I have included Tylenol, Strips and their regular medications. Use as needed.


(—) has an allergic reaction to one type of antibiotic so get a hold of me before administering any antibiotic to (—). (—) has no allergies.
Consult (—) if there are any other issues… if (—) doesn’t have the answer call us any time day or night.

That is the end of the manual.

Hopefully I will be less of a basket case next time I decide send the kids away.

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