One of the benefits of doing a lot of advertising, of generating billions and billions of impressions, is the development of an immediately recognizable brand. This includes colors, logo, shapes, patterns, message and a whole laundry list of details that combined, ensure prospects will pick out those elements as distinctly yours. Your company, your look, your industry and your message. However with so many large firms hiring a laundry list of agencies to do piecemeal work to save money, many times, the opportunity for cross channel synergy is lost. Agency A wants to do the bit with the dancing baby, ala Ally McBeal or Etrade. Agency B is sold on the lizard from Geico or the duck from Aflac, and wants to do a whole series around an animated snake. By the time each department from online to offline to direct response to outdoor has had their agency come up with their tag line, the marketing mix looks as if there are a dozen companies selling the same product.

Ultimately, that’s what your prospect will see, which will make word of mouth, social media and other types of, “earned media” that much harder as each fracture of your message dilutes the power of the message. Can you imagine a group of people talking say, the exact problem that your business solves. Then, one after another, a real person, embodying those disparate marketing messages, tag lines and tracking URLs or micro-sites tries to sell them, in sequence, on the benefits of your particular solution? The reality is, this won’t be nearly as effective as if each sales person said the same thing, the same way. Sure you want to make it contextual, but if it’s the same prospect, over and over, you need to make sure the core message is exactly the same to get the value of repetition, halo and word of mouth.

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