Why does a social network need a good mobile interface?

Even without an app, FunAdvice grew the share of mobile audience 100′s of % in growth over the last few years. At one point, our mobile usage spiked from 8% to 25%, and this was a few years ago. The reason for the mobile adoption is simple: if you can pop open a web page, fire off something quick, read a small blurb or bite of content and maybe check out some photos of interesting people, that’s a lot more gratifying an experience than reading the latest tabloid headlines while at the grocery story.Mobile one box social

This is the new paradigm of the social / mobile web – how can your software, your product, your online experience cater to the generation of tech savvy, time crunched and affluent urbanite? The answer is simple, provide a novel, interesting and easy way to engage in as much or little positive socializing as possible.

As I said in the one box overview post,  being social is a distinctly human thing, with most advances in communication tools resulting in transformative dynamics in how we live. Before the iPhone, the best selling phone was a Nokia, not a smart phone and near featureless compared to the average Android or iPhone of even five years ago. With texting, you’re limited to people you already know, who share or don’t your interests. What if a social network could cater to any interest you had, on demand, anytime? Imagine being able to find a random conversation with a fellow salsa dancer, or movie buff or foodie. The one box concept, when tied to mobile, results in an explosion of amazing and interesting possibilities for communication. The input text could be auto routed to other visitors who share the same interests, resulting in greater and greater connections between people over time.Mobile one box social chat

To obtain real, scalable network effects for FunAdvice on mobile, this rapid routing and hyper targeted chat feature should drive amazing growth. Combined with the posts I’ll provide on the new profile page creation process, FunAdvice will have an, “on the fly” social experience unlike anything else available and completely personalized. Faster connections with more relevant people should be the goal, of any social network that caters to obtaining advice.

Mobile one box social post

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