These three little gems are absolutely amazing. I think they would be perfect for Maldives. Just don’t look at the price tag.

The Killer Whale Submarine

KIller Whale Submarine

A two person submarine shaped like an orca. It’s awesome. Only drawback is it only goes down to five feet which is nothing but it can hydroplane up to fifty miles per hour and has a 255 hp engine which lets you dive in and out of the water like a real killer wale. With a speedometer, tachometer, pressure gauges and an LCD with video it’s an interesting little toy.

Interior of Killer whale submarine

The Flying Car

Airplane to  Car and Back

This car is perfect for zipping around a small island and then in all of thirty seconds it transforms into an airplane, taking to the air to get to the next island. It would be even better if it were a sea plane. Perhaps it can be adapted. This little plane has a 100hp engine and can reach a max air speed of 115mph. This is just another reason to get a pilots license.

Folded Airplane Car

The Personal Submarine

This is not as sexy as the killer whale but will take you to depths that the killer whale sub will not. It can descend up to 1000 feet and is battery powered so you can dive for up to six hours. I think this is my favorite of the three but I wonder at it’s maneuverability. Wish I could test one out.

Personal Submarine


View all these and more at Hammacher Schlemmer. Photos and information from Hammacher Sclemmer.

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