FAQ about me? Yes!… You need to know!
Widhadh WaheedThese are just some of the questions people ask me …..

Why post now?

I have kept a record of events and thoughts in the form of these blog posts which I’ve been saving over the years without posting. Just for clarification’s sake I haven’t posted anything because my father is Dr. Waheed Hassan the President of Maldives. Now that things are so easily available on the web, there is no information that you can’t find out about me anyway.

Where is home?

Home for me, is wherever the people I love are. With my global family, home can be in multiple places at once. My little brother Jeffrey Waheed is in New York working at the Maldives mission. My little sister Fidha is finishing up her P.H.D in Psychology here in the bay area. My father who has has taught me a lot over the years about politics and people, is currently the President of Maldives (as I mentioned before). My mother a director of Wizco and founder or the Maldives Autism Association has taught me more about business and family than anyone else. They both live in Maldives along with a multitude of other family members … the ones who are not in New Zealand, Australia, UK or some other part of the world. So you see currently, my home is in at least three different places.

Why a Fun Category?

Another question that’s come up…. why do I have two categories “Fun” and “Travel and they ask why traveling isn’t fun. My answer is traveling is one of my passions. I have that strange gypsy blood that makes me want to live everywhere as long as it’s fun! Notice the caveat: “as long as it’s fun!” Yes traveling is fun … I love it but my work is also fun. I can’t label it work because the word “work” has so many negative connotations for me. Fun category includes everything I’ve considered “fun”.

Why don’t you work?

Holly @#*(@&($*&(&! I would so much rather have fun! Actually if you analyze what I do per day you would probably say that I do work a lot but for me it’s always been all fun. There was only once in my life that I hated my work and that was in college when I hated my job as a glorified receptionist. I am quite lucky because I get to choose the projects I take on and I really really love that. Part of being able to perform at your best is realizing that you would rather be doing what you are doing than anything else in the world. So the real answer is; you are very wrong if you assume I don’t do any work.

What are your passions?

The ocean! Diving! Family! Friends! Traveling! Love! Happiness! Peace! Not sure those are in order but they are some of the first things that came to mind.

Does your name really mean Love?

Wow! Yes. At the time I was born my father was in Lebanon studying at the American University and he named me Love. I think it’s incredibly sweet. My biggest worry about him is that he worries about his children too much but that worry is also born out of Love :)

The Highlights

I have two children, started nine businesses, sold two companies, designed analytic and marketing software, speak three languages, advised, consulted, analyzed, designed and done so many things and worn too many hats.

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