Over the last week I’ve been designing a new iPhone app and it has been a lot of fun. I’m so excited about it that I am absolutely itching to share but since I can’t share everything, I’ll share my process and some preliminary ideas.

  1.  My first step was to take a look at whats out there and read the docs from apple .
  2. Came up with a color scheme: colors for iPhone app
  3. Reviewed key features and came up with a product map
  4. Wireframing: Drew some sketches/models on my notepad and iPad.
  5. Jumped into illustrator and Photoshop 6 to start working on the mocks and here is just one screen shot:Simply Scribe v1intro

So far I just have five of these mocks done. It’s going really fast and I am sure that I will have a few more iterations of the main design before I’m done. The great thing about this project is that my son (age 11) decided that he has to have his input, whenever he can he’s been keeping me company and giving me his very opinionated advice instead of playing in other ways. I have to say his insight has been very helpful.

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