Code compliance and standards are important because you want to be able to rely on your web page functioning as you designed it to rather than it varying from device to device. I know it has no correlative SEO benefits but I aalways recommend at least checking so you know where you are at.

There are two main components of code compliance.

  1. The first is based on code standards and the W3 consortium which is the standards organization for HTML specifications.
  2. The second part of code compliance is accessibility which is also a standard set by the w3 consortium which ensures web pages are accessible and useable on alternative browsing devices.  My personal beelief is that accessibility has a great deal of correlation to conversion.

Coding Standard

To review these you should analyze your page with the w3 validation service at validator serviceBe sure to fix any major errors and review their recommendations on your pages so that your website renders properly as you would expect in every major browser. Typing in gave the following:

W3 Validator Service Output for

Looks like I need to create a child theme for twentyeleven or change the theme that I am using to one that is compliant.


The second part of measuring code compliance is to analyze the site for accessibility. Similar to measuring code compliance for HTML standards you can measure web accessibility with an online tool such as

Report for report for widhadh.comSo a quick change of some headers and already we have improvement:accesibility improved widhadh.comNow I just have to go through and do the things on this site that I’ve known needed to be done for a while now.


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