Yesterday we just returned from a two day safari on a Catamaran. It was absolutely amazing. We spent two days mostly on the boat with stops at Bolifushi Resort for lunch on the first day and at various sand banks both the other days. The boat was very nice, the service was excellent and the onboard chef was not bad at all. This is a trip I would repeat any time 🙂

On the first day I was afraid my younger one would be sea sick for the whole two days but after a few hours he got his sea legs and both of the kids spent most of the trip running around all over the boat, jumping into the ocean, and snorkeling.

Speaking of snorkeling this is the one time I wish I had an underwater camera. The variety of fish you can see while snorkeling here is amazing. I have to say I love playing tourist in my country 🙂

Bolifushi is a very cute resort. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

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